– Knowing your time is limited might not be all that bad – One might ask why – Give up and Cry- Or Just lay down to die – But wait a minute – And think of this:

– Knowing Time is Limited – It’s a Gift Many don’t Receive – A blessing in disguise – Because no one really ever knows just when their time will end – Or how it is they’ll go – So, they wait too long – And for some it goes like this:

-I’ll say I’m sorry when I’m ready – But never get the chance – I won’t forgive or make amends – There is plenty of time for that – Soon enough I’ll change my ways – But sooner I’ll be gone – I know there is so much I’ve yet to see – But, I will open my eyes later – Then one dark day – Leads to a sudden end – Without a single warning – Wow, it could just end that way – Now, just think again

– Knowing that time might end soon might not be so bad – Because you can think this way:

-I have been blessed – I get a warning – There is still time before judgment day – It might be short – But I must not take one day for granted – For what is short to me – Is much more than that one more day that many would have longed for.


Limited and Knowing


8 comments on “Limited and Knowing

  1. Love this and am trying to live it everyday.
    These moments overflow with blessings and it is too easy to lose sight of this when we are afraid or grieving.

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