Inner Beauty

I have, in my heart, a passion for seeing a person through their heart and soul, not appearance. It is sad, but it is a fact…. People judge on appearance.  If you stop and really think about it….step outside the box….put yourself in the situation…it is then that life makes sense and you see people for way more than appearance, disabilities, or weight.  Thinking you are better than others is not the way to live.

We are all guilty to some degree (whether it be presently or in the past) of denying our own depth of emotion. Expressing emotion is nothing to be ashamed of. Find an outlet to express yourself and people will be touched, as they are when they hear songs that real people write experiencing the same emotions that most deny they ever feel.  Success and the richest people in the world are those who are the most honest and can put it out there.  The reason is because the others have too much pride to express feelings. However, they relate to the music without revealing their feelings to others, thus, maintaining their pride.  I feel BLESSED because I can SEE THROUGH this world and find the key to happiness.  Something most people spend their entire life searching for, when the whole time it is right in front of their eyes.  Judging others on appearance is wrong. This is the APPLE that EVE ate.  PRIDE, GREED, AND TEMPTATION TO MEET HUMAN DESIRES.  Thank you GOD for letting me, out of all people, see the light.  I always asked, “why me?” (Because I have suffered with OCD to a debilitating degree at times) I still trusted in God no matter how hard it was.  I believed there was a reason and I see it now.  Being different has allowed me to see the importance of looking past the faults of outer impressions in order to see the beauty within a person. I found this blessing of realization because I did not run from the harsh realization of life and kept honesty in my heart.   I am not jealous of others.  I don’t judge others and I search for the inner beauty that can lead to beautiful, meaningful, life-long relationships.  Judging without looking in the right place will cause us to miss out on knowing amazing people. The reality is that happiness comes from loving yourself.  When you love yourself, you can love the beauty of what is seen in the soul of others and not even think of judging only on appearance.


2 comments on “Inner Beauty

  1. Really needed to see this. I feel like we are caught up in a culture that puts way too much emphasis on the glamour and glitz that the insta- celebrity culture offers. Its refreshing to know there are still people out there who see past all that nonsense. Thank you

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