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I am dedicating this blog as my main source of coping with my feelings as I deal with my husbands diagnosis with stage 4 colon cancer.  However, I have things from my past that I wrote about previously and may share sometimes. I also have other feelings pertaining to other life situations as well.  So, I am going to just be me and free my inner self without fear (not always so easy).  I have spent my life worrying about what everyone else thinks about my beliefs, thoughts, opinions, and feelings.  So, now I just want to make this place mine.  A place where I can finally be me and hope my followers accept me and enjoy what is inside my mind.

30 comments on “About My Blog Writing

  1. I can’t imagine it even try to know what you are going through. I lost my mom on Christmas Eve to stage IV pancreatic cancer, and I know my loss. I’ve seen my dad’s loss, but I do not understand it. The journey is so effing hard for everyone. I’m amazed at your strength. I didn’t write the entire time my mom was sick, I just couldn’t. Sending good thoughts your way.

  2. Thank you for following my blog. I found it a great relief to blog about my husband’s cancer, to just get it out there. Writing about it was something I just had to do. You have my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Laura, thanks for following my blog. We all have baggage and there’s no time like the present to find your place of your own and let go of what you can. I have a second blog, Healing by Writing (http://healingbywriting.wordpress.com), where I talk about healing through my writing. Take care, Sherrey

  4. I can feel your energy. I know you are a good soul, What God sometimes calls “a keeper”. You are dealing with a lot right now. And it’ often times lonely and makes you exhausted. Please know that I, and others, while not in body, are right there by your side. You are not alone. and God can feel everything. As I was for my darling Aileen, so you as well. you are the rail. It on you and your energy that your husband relies on. you are the one who shall carry him on your soul, and in your heart down the hallway. to that door. As the rail, you have to be strong. you hvae to be solid. You have to never relent. and you base your life on being strong so that your loved one can ride your soul, as they fight with all that they have to just get to that door. As the rail you make sure that they do. And then…

    Then you begin … that spiritual journey, inside of yourself, where you meet and talk with God… and you then… find your way home… I am a friend. I am here… when you feel dispair… that’s okay.. .it’s part of it. But remember… you have friends. You hve family. You have life and you have God… nd none of them are going to let you fall where you will hurt yourself. You might bump into trees a lot. But you wll always get back up.

    through it all… look to the shores of lake erie. and there you’ll find me, and my darling Aileen… our bodies a bit crooked. Well, mine anyway. and we’ll always be right here… waving to you … as our friend. I send you good energy and high hopes fo for happiness and love and peace. I flagged Aileen down this morning. so she’s watching … and she told me she’s going to make sure to keep an eye on you both. She’s really good at that. So helllo from the shores of lake erie. From my heart to yours and your family… Godspeed my dear… godspeed to you…


  5. Writing has always been my outlet, my river, my backbone, my sky, my heaven and even at times, my hell. It is something that will always be yours but being brave enough to share it with the world takes courage – and that you have! May we all share our life paths together through expression. My blessings to you and your husband, Laura. Thanks for finding me in this vast universe.

  6. A wonderful and brave blog. I hope it helps you to find a way through this time, and empowers you for what is to come. Thank you for finding my blog, which has enabled me to find yours. All my best wishes to you and your husband. If you need help or advice on anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  7. Had I the outlet when my first husband had cancer, I would have written about it too. It never even crossed my mind, and it is such a cleansing thing to do. Lots of strength on your journey…..it is not an easy road.

  8. Good for you Miss Laura! We all need a bit of space to give voice to the things that bother, torment, challenge us as well as to share in common joy and happiness without fear of judgement or repercussion. May you find peace and blessings as you juggle, manage and balance the many facets of your life!

  9. Again, I find myself on the same mental wave length as you. 🙂 I always keep my inner thoughts to my close friends and some I just kept to myself. I lived in fear. Then I hit upon this keen idea of being daring enough to share it with strangers. I first started doing this in a small closed group on Facebook. I figured…who cares if strangers don’t like what I have to say and walk away. But within a short time, despite me sharing who I really am, that small group became all friends. Now, I find my self with a Blog sharing me with the world. You know, I am still more touched when a stranger likes the words I write than I am when a long time friend gives me the thumbs up. I hope you find, like I did, the world is full of people who want to be friends with the person you truly are. God Bless.

  10. The act of writing has helped me. I am just now looking over some of my journals from as long ago as 1988. In the days of writing, pen and paper, it was safe to write anything. I applaud you in your venture to get your state of mind out on paper, so to speak, but perhaps a safer way to put your thoughts out to the world would be to write first, let it sit, edit and then post. Then you could modify if necessary.

    In any case, this is a very brave thing to do. Any potentially very helpful. It is a good adjunct to therapy, but not a replacement.

    Good luck

  11. As a fellow cancer sufferer/survivor, support systems are the most important to the survival of a marriage/patient. Pray for one another, apart and together, share your weaknesses and delight in your strengths. Together, you are soldiers against a ruthless adversary; it’s ugly name is Cancer.
    Prayers to you and your husband.
    Your new friend,

  12. Thank you for following my blog! Following you back 🙂 I can definitely relate, writing is therapy for me and my blog is my own little corner of the world to write about the things I’m passionate about and the things that i need to talk about. My heart goes out to you and your husband. Cancer has touched my life in a big way too (as you already know from my blog). You’re not alone. Look forward to reading your posts–and wishing you as much positive energy & strength as possible right now. Hang in there 🙂

  13. It seems like there is comfort to be found in writing. I’ve discovered that when I attempt to write I can be surprised by things, especially those I didn’t realise I still found painful. So for me writing/blogging is like a divining rod to organise my thoughts.

  14. I think we all need to let go of our emotional baggage and I am also finding blogging a release. I hope that sharing on your blog helps bring you peace.

    • Well, I am was blessed just to hear of someone else needing to write to free those feelings and emotions of pain. I do the same and find it very thereputic. Please be confident in this being a healthy way to channel and release. praying your strength and well being.

      • I must say, I am touched, honored, and mostly blessed to have so many of you letting me know you have me and my family in your prayers. Do not doubt, you are all in my prayers as well! Thank you!

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