Im not so brave
The fear sets in
My heart then sinks
As the pain sets in
Close your eyes
Take a deep breathe
Get through the moment
Try hard not to cry
I can’t keep him from dying
I can’t keep him alive
But you don’t know he will die
What hurts, really
Is I don’t know he will live
By: L.G.


4 comments on “Fear

  1. Fear will live in your head, right next to that positive attitude that you must keep. I don’t think there’s any way to eliminate the fear, only ways to control it. I understand your fear, more then most. I had 4 family members die from numerous types of cancer and I had breast cancer myself. I turned out to be the only one that survived it long-term. So I get the what, where, and why question a lot in my mind. I was told a lot of times by folks during my treatment, “to live in the moment”… And I can’t stress that enough with you, make everyday special because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

  2. I often wish God gave me more foresight, then I look back and realize had He done so I’d never have gone where I’ve gone or done what I’ve done!

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