No fix

Dealing with cancer seems so strange to me because I have no where to go to fix what is happening. The source of what I am feeling can’t be fixed or resolved. I am used to anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts that can be fixed with the right medication. I only wish I could go to the doctor and get a pill for this. A pill that would take cancer out of my life.


15 comments on “No fix

    NaturalNews is a great site for living a more natural life. I am doing a couple of the anti cancer suggestions (turmeric for breast cancer prevention). This link discusses the benefits of aloe with colon cancer. I have seen other articles on this site for different foods and plants for colon cancer. This could be the empowerment that you need to help him. So you may want to look at the plants and foods that could help with the chemo.

  2. No there is no magic! I pray for miracles, and God does not always grant them! I was struck by what a Christian pastor from Pakistan once told me, “Don’t pray that the persecution of Christians in Pakistan cease – Pray that Christians remain faithful!” I pray, you, your husband and daughters can remain faithful in the face of this

  3. I agree you need to look for help – namely you need to fond the best doctors. never stay with your first one. It just means he seduced you by definition and you don’t know any better…Run.Run. Run. My experience. I had stage 4 ovarian 4 years ago. Also try to find the immunotherapy. And thanks for following my blog! Good luck with running and finding the cure. It is possible.

  4. There are no magic pills, but miracles can happen. I also have stage 4 colon cancer. I was told I had 6-18 months maximum. (I switched to a doctor that preferred to believe in hope immediately). It has been almost 27 months now and I only have one very small tumor in my lung left. When I was diagnosed I had tumors in my colon, ovaries, liver, lungs, even in the fluid in my abdomen. You are justified in your frustration, but be strong and remember to make great memories along the way.

  5. I wrote a post the other day called ‘medulloblastoma-be-gone’, whilst it is not overly explicit throughout the post, the need to write the post was routed in a feeling similar to what you have described. There is nothing anyone can say to ease it, but it might help to know I sometimes feel this way too – overwhelmingly so. Jess says she feels this way too.. “I get frustrated because I had no choice in the matter, I just had cancer, it just happened”. You’re not alone although it feels that way xx

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