Finding The Good

It is important to see the good in things

Even when the good in things is so very small

So very far away in the distant

Or so deep down in the ground

that it is impossible to see unless we look

very very very hard

Look so very hard and so very deep

because it takes an extremely strong and powerful telescope

to find that tiny piece of the good that can be found

So long as we look and search deep enough.

For if we search deep enough

We find the good that brightens our day

Even if only for an instant.

By: L.G.


3 comments on “Finding The Good

  1. I find and have found the most joy in little faces, my children and grandchildren! My grandson after my stroke when I came down for my son’s wedding saw the brace on my leg, and asked if Grandpa had an Ow, and kissed my left leg to make it better, my leg remained the same but my soul was healed

    • My faith is strong enough to follow the golden rule. The hardest rule of all. Never question God and never ask why? A very hard rule to follow that tests my faith every second of every day.

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