Opinionated gone too far

Opinionated people are always nice to know.  It is when they let their opinion become the only acceptable opinion that exists (at least to them).  It is when I try to have a conversation with someone who rudely interrupts me and refuses to let me finish what I would like to say.  I am a human being who would like to have a conversation, but when someone immediately disagrees with me and cuts me off refusing to allow me to finish, I am extremely offended and hurt, to be honest.  It is especially frustrating when I am telling a story and am cut off.  I say, well let me just finish telling you.  I get interrupted…..NO.  I say, but I just want to read you… and I get in return NO, I said NO.  These are the types of people I could never live with.  So one sided and only their opinion exists in their world.  To put it simply.  I DON’T LIKE IT.


6 comments on “Opinionated gone too far

  1. I’d love to say everyone listens, but we both know it is not true, remember, “The owl was a wise old bird, the less he spoke the more he heard, the more he heard the less he spoke – wasn’t he a wise old bloke!”

  2. Laura, I completely agree!! I have caught myself doing it as well and been ashamed of myself. I think it would really be effective to say simply I am sure you didn’t mean to interrupt my story and finish what you were saying. I wouldn’t mind if someone did that for me and it gives them a way out of feeling ashamed for being rude. 😀

  3. Those types of people are among the most insecure folks you will ever meet – which is why they cling to their ego-positions, (opinions), so vehemently. They cannot risk not being “right,” or they become invalid in their mind. Have to just let those people move along, and keep your space free.

    • I pride myself in admitting I am wrong. After all, know one is always right. It isn’t even that we are wrong. Just accepting that each has their own opinion and respecting that, in it’s own way, makes us all right. Respect opinions, for we live by ours and others have the right to theirs, without being judged.

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