See Beauty in Difference

I have so many thoughts in my mind and so many issues that bother me.  Day to day encounters with people and reactions towards me that, honestly, make me question whether or not my mind thinks correctly.  I have always loved myself and believed in what I feel.  I have a fault, which is my tendency to quickly think, “maybe I am not so right in what I feel, because no one else acts as I feel the world should act”.  Graceful, open-minded, understanding and respecting that we are all a bit different.  That is what I see as the right way to be.  I shy away too easily.  This leaves me afraid of myself.  Afraid to be me.  I am sensitive and don’t like to be judged.  I try my best to never judge others.  Instead I find beauty in the minds of difference.  It is the beauty of humanity and something we can all learn from.  Accepting difference can embed a new realm of perspective within us and allow us to grow and see what we may be blind to.  I find difference as a very fulfilling and beautiful part of life.  I only wish we could all see the same and realize that we are not given the right to judge.  That is God’s job and his alone.


8 comments on “See Beauty in Difference

  1. I hope you have not encountered those who say, “Your faith must not be strong enough, for your husband to have cancer,” Mom got that from some rather insensitive and stupid people, but surprised them by living another 40years!

  2. I understood every word you wrote. I spent my life fearing having my hand slapped seeing the world as I do and questioning the wisdom of others. I never minded if someone differed in opinon but my voicing a question was forbidden. I was confused. Only whith age and the boldness that often comes with it…was I finally able to find my voice that with even more time grew strong enough to vocalize to the world who I am…with pride. Now my personal project is seeking people out and planting seeds of wanting in their hearts to embrace those around them and share all they have to offer. I want people to realize they posses the gift that a random person needs…don’t be afraid to share it when the opportunity comes.

  3. I find beauty in difference too….but half the world is ‘Narcissus.’

    It’s too bad cause the world beyond us is extraordinary. If people would just ‘look up.’

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