Fight Each Tear

I hate it when I want to cry

I fight each tear with all my might

I tell myself It is not time yet

Not time to cry, Nor feel the pain

There’s plenty of time for that to come

And hey, you know, It may not come

For miracles, after all exist

Miracles, I have still in my hopes

I’m reaching for a reason still

Just don’t give up and please don’t cry

Every tear I shed just makes this real

And then the miracles, they don’t seem so real

That is why I keep on trying

To fight each tear with all my might


11 comments on “Fight Each Tear

  1. Giving up the fight will cause…
    Letting your tears run freely can make you…

    Giving up fighting Laura
    Can it be the next step too?

    Wish you less fights and tears
    Wish you can just be


    • I am not giving up. I will never give up. I just try to be strong and hold back from falling apart. If I did not have this outlet or a way to get through those moments where I feel like falling apart I would be useless and overly emotional. I guess I was trying to say that every time I feel like falling apart, I write. I do cry, trust me. It is just that I have to limit it as much as possible and express myself in a healthy way. I have suffered from depression in the past and I am just trying not to get overly emotional. I think this blog is a huge help. Thank you so much for your support. I wish you well also and I keep everyone here in my prayers. We will not give up. Not any of us. Much love and thanks to you for your support.

      • I don’t think you understood my message. I did not mean give up hope. I mean give up analysing. Just being ok with whatever you feel or do and trust that it is good.

        You will be fine I am sure. Keep doing what you do, try to be open to change, make the best of every day and celebrate every day you have with the ones you love and also with the ones you lost.


        • Getting your emotions out the way you do can only help. For a miracle to happen you just first ask, as I see you have obviously, but you must believe that it’s already happened. Act as if you are healing and you know you will be ok.

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