Saving the Day

Saving the day.  When I start to feel really crappy and get that “nothing will make me satisfied or take me away from this wave of negative feelings” I get a comment from some wonderful person and my negativity is replaced with hope and inspiration.  I am reminded that you all are out there with the same set of human emotions coping with this or having so in the past.  Even just out there caring that someone is going through this.  I am proud and mostly blessed that others are willing to comment.  Just know that it does not go unnoticed.  Thank you all so much for your comments.  I might post thank you posts a lot.  I really can’t say thank you enough though.


9 comments on “Saving the Day

  1. I understand your feeling of gratitutude for any kind word that is sent your way. I don’t know why the society we live in is not more giving of kind words. Sure, we may give them freely to family and those in our little circle…but why do we hold them back from random people we meet. I guess our society has forgotten the power of kindness has to create unity. I don’t know you or your whole situation because this is the first blog entry I have read as of yet…but I don’t have to in order to send my love your way. You are, afterall, a fellow human being. Now that all has been said, I urge you to heal your heart by freely giving your love away to those that you meet. You more love you send out into the world the more you will be blessed to get back. God Bless you and yours. 🙂

  2. Reading your post is inspiring and I pray for you and your husband. You are touching many people with your blog. Continue to write YOU’RE an inspiration to others.

    • I really hope I do touch others with my blog. It would mean the world to me to be able to help others as you all help me. Thank you for your prayers and kindness!

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