Scan has been scheduled

My husband had his fifth chemotherapy treatment today.  They scheduled his scan to see how much progress the chemo has allowed in shrinking the mass in his colon.  It isn’t until the end of the month, but I am praying, praying, praying that it has became small enough that they can operate.  I’m relaxing and trying to read some of the blogs of my supporters.  Not doing much writing today, just exploring what my followers are up to.  There are many, so I apologize that I can’t get to everone’s blog in one day.  Much love to all.  You are all in my prayers and I am thankful to those who have me in their prayers as well.


23 comments on “Scan has been scheduled

  1. If i have the ability to take away both of your pain I would. Because I know how hard it is. I wish you two the best. I’m know your husband appreciates that you are at his side and have your support. You two will be in my prayers.

  2. Hi Laura, Thanks for following my blog, it is an honour. I am praying that tumour has shrunk enough so they can operate on your husband, and that he will be healed. I’ll be back to see what happens, for you both have my best wishes and prayers. May you have strength for these days, and may the Lord bless you and keep you.

  3. i haven’t read too many of your blogs, but i’ve read enough to know what’s going on. i don’t know what to say except. my thoughts and prayers to you and your husband during this difficult time. much credit to your husband for enduring what he has to endure, and much credit to you for standing by his side and being strong. although i don’t know either one of you, i will say that i’d take away both of your pain and struggles if i had the ability to. i sincerely mean that. all the best, and sending good vibes towards your way.

    • You have touched my heart. There are not many people who are willing to care enough to want to take another persons pain away and help them. Thank you so very much. I hope you know how much that comment means to me.

      • =) no need to thank me. You e touched me with your mind words as well. People like you and your hubby are inspiring. The strength you have and the things you endure… and yet you two are still standing. That’s amazing and inspiring. Keep up the great work!

      • Hey Laura! How are things going? Just wanted to follow up and see how things are on your end. How is your husband? Please tell me he’s doing okay. Send a shout if you have a free moment. Sending nothing but good vibes your way. :o)

  4. Not to be flippant but I am reminded of that line from “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, “…everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, then it’s not the end”. I wish your family well.

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