I love this blog.  This isn’t easy and I know that so many who support me are touched by the same deep feelings of how real this is.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart just for following and reading.  Just for letting me know I am not alone.  Sometimes, when I want to lay down and cry feeling helpless, I just write what I feel.  It, amazingly, gets me through the moment.  It wouldn’t work if there was no one there to like my writing that is very real.  I know many of you are going through this too.  We are so blessed to have this community to share our support.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and God Bless you all!



17 comments on “Support

  1. I work with cancer sufferers/survivors every day, and have done for just about twenty years. And one word always comes to mind. ‘Humbled’. I am constantly humbled in their presence. As I am when I read your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope we can all help, in our own way, if only by creating a kind and supportive energy for you both. Blessings.

  2. Sometimes it is easier to throw our thoughts and fears out into the ether rather than talk to those closest to us. Oftentimes the response is amazing – people who are that little bit removed from your own situation can give support when those close to us are overwhelmed by the day to day “thereness” of it all.
    You aren’t alone. Remember that.

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Laura and for following. I mentioned in a comment somewhere else on yours, I love your blog. We have a bittersweet bond. I am following yours as well. Your blog is beautiful.

  4. Stay strong- sometimes I think we underestimate just how strong we really are until situations arise that test us, then our inner strength really shines through 🙂
    We’re always here anyway…*virtual hug*

  5. i´m glad you came and followed me and i have followed you back. i hope you´ll post often and keep reminding us out here that you and your man still need our prayers. i do pray for you so much, and i pray that your man will receive a miracle. we know that we have life in Jesus because Jesus is life, and that will see us from this world into the next… my heart goes out to you. you have indeed been given a cross to carry.

    • Prayers are always welcome and I am soooooo blessed to have the prayers of others. I keep my followers and all others going through this in my prayers as well. Thank you!

  6. I used to be so anti-social media. I would get these images of duck lipped party girls and cyber bullies in my head. Eventually, I also saw the good. We are now able to build communities of support that may not otherwise be available. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Laura, I felt exactly the same way as you when my husband had cancer. The blog I kept, was my life line. Having this network of support is amazing. And it is just as you say….just knowing others are out there who care lets us know we are not alone. You are amazing and you do have what you need to get through this, and God does have your back. Sending you hugs.

  8. Hi Laura, well you said it, you are not alone. And it is very good that you express thru this or any other media… I use this term alot but You Rock! I pray for you and your family everyday. I know you are stronger than you think you are. You know “they say”, God never gives us more than we can handle. Well sometimes I think God must have me on the list of folks like My Grandmother or Superman but faith will carry us as long as we stay in touch… Keep it up Girl.. Rock on!

    • I feel the same way. To feel so hurt, scared, and confused. To feel like you don’t even know how you are supposed to be feeling. God must think I am a pretty hard core person when it comes to having the strength to handle all that he has given me to handle. I really think, in general, it takes a strong person to just be able to feel deep emotions.

      • It’s all about the love… You have it for everyone else in your life… Here’s the really cool thing… It’s ok to love You.. in fact you are your own best friend. When you can see that… You will actually see the shirt with the big S you’ve always worn… 🙂 Be well, Stay Great… I have a song for you and your husband. I will post on my blog. I wrote this about 3 years ago… I think it will sum it up. It’ll be a few but I’ll post it tonight…

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