The Joy of writing

-The joy of writing

-The joy of truth

-The joy of expression, that comes from within

-The joy of freedom, of being me

-The joy of truth, and finding release

-The joy of acceptance

-The joy of sharing

-The joy of being just who I am

-The joy of letting my mind flow free

-The joy of writing to just be me


3 comments on “The Joy of writing

  1. I’ll leave you a thought:
    “’In the beginning was the Word,’ what a marvelous sentence that is. How tremendous are its implications. ‘I the beginning was the Word.’ It had to be the Word. It couldn’t be, for instance, ‘In the beginning was the video tape…’ ‘In the beginning was the celluloid…,’ or ‘In the beginning was a microphone…’ – none of that. In the beginning was the Word, and one of the things that appalls me and saddens me about the world today is the condition of words. Words can be polluted more dramatically and drastically than rivers, land, and sea. There has been a terrible destruction of words in our time.” – Malcolm Muggeridge. The End of Christendom,

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