without You

-If ever I am here alone

-Alone, I mean without you, my dear

-These words I want to leave you with

-Without you, I will still survive

-I will thrive to make you oh so proud

-Without you I will fight each day

-I’ll still go on

-I’ll still be me

-Ill strive and soar and never fail

-I will keep trying

-To make you proud

-I will succeed despite facing many closed doors

-Remember, I will, many others will open

-I will never quit or fall apart

-I’ll strive, I’ll climb till I achieve

-I’ll never stop

-I’ll meet my goals

-I’ll go to all the places you hope for me

-I will still be me, yet missing you

-And my goals I will meet to make you proud

-I’ll still find myself, through all the sorrow

-To show the world

-I’m just still me

-Amazing me

-And all because

-You made me see

-How beautiful

-I truly am

By: L.G.


3 comments on “without You

  1. Poetry’s always been an amazing outlet for all feelings. This is a beautiful poem. I admire your bravery and courage in sharing your thoughts with us. I know that I may be a stranger, yet I will pray for your husband as well as you. I know that the Lord gives the hardest battles to his toughest soldiers. God Bless!

  2. I always feared in the Army Char would be left alone, that gratefully never came to pass. I do remember the worst night was when she had retained a part or her placenta after the birth of our firstborn son and lost 6 units of blood in 15 minutes, and how I felt holding my newborn son 16 days old, wondering what I’d do without her! The stroke was where I nearly slipped from her! You can and will go on, and I pray he will too

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