Don’t Ask Why

-My faith is strong
-My heart it tries
-Tries to be strong
-But my faith is, in fact, part of my heart
-My faith never asks why
-For I know that’s not for me to know
-My faith never holds anger
-Nor stops believing
-God has his reasons
-I just look back on my life
-I see so much now
-I couldn’t see before
-I see things I’ve been through
-Pains I’ve endured
-Those why’s I never asked
-The heartaches i never questioned
-Have lead me up to this
-Made me stronger
-To build me up
-So now my courage
-The strength I’ve gained
-Is what I’ve been blessed with
-To get me through my current trials
-But most thankful i am
-For the voice it has given me
-The courage as well
-To speak with my words
-And reach the hearts of others
-Others in need
-That help me as well
-United together
-We guide and find strength
-Through beautiful minds
-And with beautiful words


7 comments on “Don’t Ask Why

  1. Fear not for I am with you;
    Be not dismayed, for I am with you
    I will strengthen you and help you,
    I will hold you up with my righteous right hand
    (Isiah 4:10)

    Love the post😃

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