The Beauties of The World

–         The beauties of the world

–          The wonders of the Universe

–          The sights we take for granted

–          The eyes we have been blessed to see with

–          This gift, we so often overlook

–          God has created for us an Earth

–          Full of  wonders, grace, and beauty

–          If we would only take the time to see

–          The opportunity to use our sight

–          We would see such things, amazing things

–          That would take our very breath away

–          For a moment leaving a memory

–          To never be forgotten

–          Before my dying day, I hope

–          That I will see myself

–          Not in pictures, nor in books

–          But, with my very eyes

–          Oh, how I would be so very blessed

–          To travel across this land

–          To take in what God made himself

–          He made for us to see

–          Made for our eyes to truly adore

–          And leave us in a state of awe

–          Something, oh so many of us

–          We never care to see

–          Sadly, so, it seems the reason

–          Is letting the chaos

–          The riff raff of the world

–          Suck us in

–          And take away

–         The desire to experience

–          The beauty God made for us to see


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