What Can Go Wrong Just Does

-Help me, Help me

-So Ironic

-Why this is, I am dismayed

-Trust me, Hear me

-All of you

-This nonsense, it so seems to be

-A nightmare known to all of us

-A nightmare, yes, that’s what I said

-And one we all know much too well

-Trying to complete a task

-A task so simple, oh so small

-Yet so important, it’s quite urgent

-Once again I scream Ironic

-It’s all the things that work so well at any other time

-But when it’s urgent

-And, oh, so simple

-Every single thing goes wrong

-And throws a million obstacles

-There standing in your way

-How Ironic, we all encounter

-The same thing, it seems each time

-Anything and everything

-Than can possibly go wrong

-Well, so it seems, that certainly it does

-It does, It does

-And such great timing

-The timing is quite just right

-To make you feel as though you want to pull out all of your hair

-Of course, that isn’t feasible

-So, what we do instead

-We don’t pull out our hair at least

-But, seemingly as painful

-The task, the time, becomes so dreadful

-Thus, instead of pulling out all of our hair

-We pull a long all nighter

~ By: L.G.


7 comments on “What Can Go Wrong Just Does

  1. Send Murphy back, Laura, I’ll try not to let him loose again! Hug and kiss your husband and girls and hang in there!

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