Falling and Landing

-I want to scream

-I want to shout

-I want to cry out, oh so loud

-Today I’m weak

-I am not strong

-The pain within

-I can’t make fade

-Most days I fear that I am way too strong

-Strong, so strong, I feel it is wrong

-Guilt I feel when I get by without a single tear that day

-I feel sometimes I should be falling

-Falling, falling, falling, freely

-Freely, meaning with no landing

-For when I land, there comes some ending

-If I land my my pain will end

-So, when I’m falling I am searching

-Waiting for a place to hit

-Hit it hard to make a landing

-Landing that will end the aching

-So, as I said, today I’m weak

-Today I’m falling

-No ground to hit

-No end in sight

-I, so look forward to my landing

-Hitting the ground will end my falling

-Ending the fall, will end the pain

-Now, I feel a little strange

-Because for him, it’s not the same

-He is falling every day

-Falling in so many ways

-Today, my heart, it just keeps falling

-Falling, falling, filled with pain

-The saddest thing is when I fall

-The ending means the pain subsides

-But when he falls, it isn’t light

-That comes when he makes that final landing

-When he is falling, he is fearing death

-Leaving a family, His girls who need him

-He is falling, fearing that, he might not see them as they grow

-He is falling, coping with the fact he may leave us behind

-He is falling, dreading the landing

-For when I fall it ends with healing

-When he falls, he is fearing death

-When he finally hits that point

-His landing comes and what he finds

-That he would rather just keep falling

-Because his landing, he fears is his ending

By: L.G.


8 comments on “Falling and Landing

  1. The Good Spirits are always near at hand. I have called out to them and found relief from much anxiety and mental suffering. My father died of Alzheimer’s Disease in May 2010. He suffered a very long and painful decline. The Good Spirits helped me see that I could do my best to make the last of his life beautiful. I endeavored to do this by taking him on many walks in the Adirondack Mountains. He loved the forest deeply and I am sure that he found happiness in these times of companionship in the woods.

    May you find assistance from beyond yourself and all humankind as you endeavor to share this time with your husband. I found assistance from the Good Spirits by sitting quietly in the early morning in the forest and asking for help from them. A raven came near and spoke in the most beautiful voice that I have ever heard from one of these birds. I instantly recognized the spiritual nature of this experience and greatly valued the message encouraging me to make my father’s last days beautiful. When he died, I was in the front room of our farm house with him, my mother and twin brother. I thought of him as a beautiful little light going out into the Universe. I felt good about his passing to the Spirit World.

  2. Don’t fall, the best you can do right now is lean back into God’s arms. God is already cradling you, Your husband, and daughters, your doubts, your frustrations, your pains, your strengths, your guilt, and your weaknesses. Yes, there will be a landing sometime, I wish I could be a prophet and tell you what and where it will be, but God has never granted me that insight in my own life, And I will not presume to make it in the lives of others. Thinking of you and your family and praying daily you find relief!

  3. It is not easy to always be strong. We are all allowed to have those weak moments. The objective is to not let those moments swollow you whole. As I manage to except my illness I have found that allowing myself to go there for no more then ten minutes has gone a long way with keeping me sane.

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