-I need for you to be my friend
-Don’t take this lightly, My words are true
-Just hear me out please
-And try to perceive
-What I have to say
-In just the right way
-I’m lost in a way that I don’t understand
-Really, I just can’t put it in words
-And I can put anything into words
-So, I’m gonna try

Most people when lost say words such as these:

-I’ve nowhere to go
-I’ve nowhere to turn
-I’m lost and I don’t even know where to go
-I don’t see a way
-I don’t know who I am
-I know something is missing
-But, I don’t know what it is
-So please help me find
-That link that I search for

Now, here is the thing:

-That is not me
-My case is unique
-So, hear me now please

-I know where to go
-I know where to be
-I know, just exactly, what I need to do
– I have all the pieces
-I see them so clearly
-I know what I am feeling
-I know where it comes from
-I know something is missing
-But, I know what it is
-I don’t understand
-How I have made it this far
-And I don’t understand how I am as strong as I am

My problem is this:
-There is a wall standing in between here and there
-A wall even bigger than the Great Wall of China

-What I have to do
-To get over that wall
-Is step into the dark
-Step into a world that’s not even there
-It’s dark and it’s scary
-But, I know I can do it
-I don’t have a choice
-The scariest part is what I know
-I’m going to have to do it all by myself
-I can’t be here or there
-I have to step into the dark
-And I have to go alone
-I am terrified and time is not on my side
-In fact, the time is gone
-I have to go now
-So, please be my friend
-So, I have a place
-I can reach for and know
-That when I feel fear and all by myself
-There is someone that’s there
– And will try to fix me before I can break.


10 comments on “FRIEND

  1. That is a certain place you’re thinking of going to. Yes, your case is unique to you, however, it is also unique to you to see the light and see it become brighter and brighter. Fear comes because something is an unknown to us. Unknown in how we will cope, find our way, and survive. You are a survivor and you will overcome any adversity, making you a lot stronger and a lot wiser. Be who you are, and grow.


  2. This place where you are going, it is not as dark as it seems to be from a distance. As you get closer to it, you will have enough light there to find your way. I was walking through deep snow on a lake in northern Saskatchewan several years ago. It was night and my flashlight penetrated the darkness just a short distance. I could not see the faint marks of my wind drifted trail from more than a few feet away, but as I moved along, the details of broken snow revealed themselves and I continued onward following the last evidence of my steps from before. There was enough light when I got to where I needed to go on further ahead. This is the way that it will be for you.

  3. Mahalo/Thank You for your writings, your feelings shared.. they’re inspirational and strengthening to this ‘friend’, whose keeping you and your family in her prayers..

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