Texts to My Husband

I sent some texts to my husband this morning as we were not together at the time.  I was out and thinking.  Very meaningful about what I am feeling so, I am just going to share. This is what I texted him.

I am in love with you.  Thinking of you.  Worried about how you are gonna handle this next treatment.

Just know that I hurt, knowing the man I love is being brought to his knees by Cancer.  I hate that word.  I feel like Cancer is equivalent to Satan.

The only difference is, he gets you by forcing the suffering and pain on you.  You don’t have to fall into temptation.  You don’t have to choose to do wrong or go down a path of wrongdoings.  It’s like, if Satan wants you  bad enough and he can’t get you.. He knows he can’t tempt you to enter into his eternal hell of torment.

So, he forces it on you and places a seed of torment in your body (that cell that goes haywire).

It is like he says, If I can’t get you for eternity, I want you bad enough to take you into hell, watch you suffer, now burn, see my evil.

But, Satan still loses.

In the end, God will give you a special badge, medal, etc. on your judgment day.

When those of us who fight Satan this hard and never lose our Faith enter those gates of Heaven.

We get a badge of Honor.

Cancer is not the only seed Satan uses to place in people

He gets us with mental illnesses too.  Tormenting innocent souls.

And many other modes of suffering, the list is very long.

Trying to corrupt us.

FAITH is the MOST important thing we must never let go of.

That’s it right there.  Multiple texts.  Those were my thoughts and I don’t usually text him that much, so it was kinda like writing a thought that I feel I want to share on my blog.  Just to let you know, there is no editing.  Usually, when I write something, as I explained how it is that I write in my last post, I edit very little.  This is not edited.  It is just what I was thinking and is important to share.  Especially, now that I have recognized that this blog is me.  My journey.  My experience.  This was important to me and I am not holding back here on my blog.  So weird to me still how I am realizing what I am creating and how important it is to me, because it is a complete piece of work that is recording this stage in my life.  Much love to all.  Happy to share and I love being able to be in a community of others who are going through this same thing.  It helps.  Much love to all who read this.

By: L.G.


11 comments on “Texts to My Husband

  1. you are a gem of a person Laura

    this was so natural, so straight, so honest, so simple that it touched my heart
    you are a darling instantly
    my blessings are for you and you husband always

    God bless you dear

    thanks for being a friend I feel blessed

  2. How I can identify with you. My blog is also a reflection of the journey of my life. my thoughts and feelings. It is cathartic. At first I thought I was being self centred sharing my feelings on my blog after all it is not about me but him. But sharing my feelings on my blg enables me to forget ME and be more aware of his needs. . So glad I found this blog at this time in my life when I am experiencing a similar situation.

    Thank you for you openness and honesty, sharing your feelings about your husband and yourself . Now I know there is not only me who is experiencing this. I am not alone. whatever the outcome.

    Although I am not religious, I will send positive Karma for your husband, you and your family.

    Love Denise

  3. This is your memory book, and no matter what is in your future you can always come back and remember your feelings and the encouragement that others gave to you. Keep the faith and know that you are not alone!

  4. Darling, your life is worth documenting. You matter just as much as any other person in the world. When you put yourself out there, unedited, you are touching other people’s hearts. No life experience is the same…but when they come across yours they may find bits and pieces that sound similar to his/her own and they can take comfort in knowing that they are not alone. We are not creatures designed for being alone. We neeed to feel like we are part of a collective. You doing this allows you to see you are surrounded by people who know you and accept you for who you are…unedited. God Bless you and your family. 🙂

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