A comment from a reader

I want to post this comment from a reader on my blog.  It meant so much to me that I wanted to share it with everyone.  She made me feel very good and I really appreciated this comment.  It was from:


Much love and appreciation goes out to her for her words.  This is the comment she left on my post Let’s Go…

From what I have read, you do not give yourself near enough credit for how amazingly STRONG you are and how WELL you are coping with everything you are enduring! You sound like an amazing, wife, mother, daughter in law, daughter, and person. You got help when you needed it which takes an enormous amount of courage. And now you are enduring a cruel form of punishment from your in laws and are not retaliating. That shows a great amount of inner strength, forgiveness and compassion on your part. I wish I could change your circumstances for you. I wish I could ease the pain and suffering for your family. Thank you for your honesty on your blog. You touch many people this way, open mind, and help with the stigmatizing of mental health problems. I wish you the best and will visit often to see how your family is. Your family is in my thoughts and I wish you the best! Take care! I think you are an amazing person!


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