Another reader’s comment

Another reader’s comment that means a lot.  I do want to say, that my husband has tried and cried and pleaded with them, so he has done his part.  He can only do what he has and continues to do.  Talk good about me.  Try to change their minds.  He has kept a pure heart too through all of this.  I am proud of us, as our girls have great models as parents.  I do believe all of the prayers I am receiving are helping us tremendously so I want to say thank you again for all of the prayers.  Keep them coming, PLEASE.  I love you all and am blessed for every prayer we receive. Thank you.  This comment was from:

SHELLAKERS in response to my post: Let’s Go…

Sweetheart, if you have a pure heart, and I can see you do, you’re going to win. I will pray and have prayed. The truth is that all of our praying could be helping only you because you’re the one who has the good heart. They’re given freedom of choice, like we all are by God. They CAN choose the wrong way. The important thing is that you’re modeling to your children, how a real woman, wife, mother is supposed to act. You’re being graceful under so much ridicule and pressure. I AM praying that they crack and their hearts change. I have a feeling the change is going to come because your husband talks to them before he gets too sick. Does he even KNOW how they’re treating you? He has the power, I think, to put an end to this. He has to tell them that you’re the mother of his children and that no matter WHAT happened, you deserve love and respect for being the mother of his children. I’d hate to put all that on him when he’s so sick but I KNOW, unless he’s not able to utter a word, he can do it no matter how sick he is.

Here’s why I say that. I live with a terminal condition too and I’ve been comatose and when I wasn’t comatose, I was so sick I could barely utter a word. I ALWAYS had the presence of mind to know when something bad was happening in our family because of my illness and I’d gather enough strength to put a stop to it and it always worked.


One comment on “Another reader’s comment

  1. You are amazing. So is your poor husband! You’ve both done and said everything you can do or say. I’m saddened that his parents hearts are so stone cold and even when their son is using all his energy to fight for his life, they still won’t give him peace. It’s in their hands to give him that peace too. This is the last thing your family needs right now. You should be able to cherish every minute together without this worry.

    Ahhhh well. Prayer, prayer prayer. It really does work. I’m still alive because of prayer so if God will do that for someone like me… He’s going to perform miracles for you too! Know, you’re at the top of my prayer list now 🙂 (((BIG HUGE BEAR HUGS)))

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