God, Do you hear me?

-God do you hear me?

-When I am not praying?

-If I do not start off

– By saying your name

-Or, as I myself do, I start with Dear God,

-Do I have to lay down

-Or kneel and take time

-To speak at one moment

-To you then and there

-Or God do you hear me

-Are you always with me?

-Hearing each thought

-Each need and each feeling

-I ask such questions, when the answer I know

-I know you are here

-You are always with me

-I don’t have to pray

-To know that you heard me

-I feel you here with me

-For every second, every moment

-You sync with my thoughts

-My heart and my soul

-It seems in my state

-As currently it is

-That my prayers never stop

-Every feeling and thought

-You are part of this all

-For you are here with me

-I know this for sure

-That is how I keep doing

– what it is that I do

-It’s all because I have you

-At all times, here with me

-For, I feel so blessed

-My God up in heaven, is carrying me

By: L.G.


5 comments on “God, Do you hear me?

  1. Bless you. As i read this I was reminded of a song by Matt Redman. This song really spoke to me and I thought it might encourage you too. Sometimes we feel His presence, and sometimes we have to believe it on faith x

  2. So touchingly beautiful! So many times I’ve wondered if there was a certain way I needed to pray. It’s true. He hears us no matter where we are or what we’re doing. He’s part of us so there’s no need for words. Sometimes I say words so that special prayers will go for special people like for you.

    This is beautiful.

      • You don’t even have to say thank you. You’re in the process of inspiring many people and you’re in the process of being blessed BIG time. God’s got his hands on you, my friend!

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