God, Do you hear me?

-God do you hear me?

-When I am not praying?

-If I do not start off

– By saying your name

-Or, as I myself do, I start with Dear God,

-Do I have to lay down

-Or kneel and take time

-To speak at one moment

-To you then and there

-Or God do you hear me

-Are you always with me?

-Hearing each thought

-Each need and each feeling

-I ask such questions, when the answer I know

-I know you are here

-You are always with me

-I don’t have to pray

-To know that you heard me

-I feel you here with me

-For every second, every moment

-You sync with my thoughts

-My heart and my soul

-It seems in my state

-As currently it is

-That my prayers never stop

-Every feeling and thought

-You are part of this all

-For you are here with me

-I know this for sure

-That is how I keep doing

– what it is that I do

-It’s all because I have you

-At all times, here with me

-For, I feel so blessed

-My God up in heaven, is carrying me

By: L.G.


5 comments on “God, Do you hear me?

  1. Bless you. As i read this I was reminded of a song by Matt Redman. This song really spoke to me and I thought it might encourage you too. Sometimes we feel His presence, and sometimes we have to believe it on faith x

  2. So touchingly beautiful! So many times I’ve wondered if there was a certain way I needed to pray. It’s true. He hears us no matter where we are or what we’re doing. He’s part of us so there’s no need for words. Sometimes I say words so that special prayers will go for special people like for you.

    This is beautiful.

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