I Would

-If I could take this all away from you I would

-If I could negotiate my life, your life, our life with God

-I would

-If I could take less years from me

-Just to add more years for you

-I would

-If I could take half of your pain

-And endure what all you feel inside

-I would

-If I could take half of your chemo treatment

-Endure half of the side effects

-To make it easier on you

-I would

-If we could just negotiate with God, Oh baby, darling, Oh, I would

-As your other half I would

-Negotiate my life and yours

-To decrease mine some, and increase yours

-To lock in some security

-Of time we have left with each other

-Oh, you know, I really would

By: L.G.


19 comments on “I Would

  1. Hello Laura,

    I have deep compassion for you and you beloved husband. After a difficult day, while I was reading this poem, I just felt my heart open. Your writing is clear and heartfelt. I honor you for being yourself and writing from your heart.

    I’m grateful that you have followed my blog.

    With love, Amanda

  2. Wow Laura, I can feel and sense all that you write. It’s great to have an outlet to let it all go. I am happy that you have found that for yourself, to keep sane during these challenging times. Much love and light to you Laura.xoxox

  3. I really appreciate your honesty. And from reading more of your posts, I also know you would do more than half for a lot of what you said above. Keep writing and telling your story. It makes me feel incredibly fortunate in my own life, and I hope it helps with your pain to know that you are giving others the gift of gratitude. Virtual hugs to you…

  4. When we love somebody we wish we could do whatever needed to take some of their burdens. Very touching. When reading this, a song came to mind that I believe you would like.”If I Could” by Barbara Streisand. It is a song I listen to when I think of my baby girl who is now 20. 🙂 It moves me. Best wishes.

  5. A poem birthed from the truest of love.
    Reminds me of the story of the two women before King Solomon, both claiming to be the mother of one child. Solomon suggested cutting the baby in half to appease them both (as his wisdom knew this method would eek out the truth of the situation). One woman agreed to his solution, but the Mother said, “let the baby live, I am not the mother.” Solomon then gave the baby to the one whose true love could not be hidden, the one who would take on the sorrow of loss to enable her dear one to have life.

    Beautiful, true love is.

    • I am so sorry. Don’t feel bad. I cry too. Some days I don’t cry at all and others I cry several times. I like the days I don’t cry though. What you said to me about God blessing me and that I am inspiring people made me feel a sense of calmness. You have really meant a lot by commenting and interacting with my blog. Thank you so much….again.

  6. Your in my prayers dear<3 I also asked God to trade years from my life to extend my dad's too but the Universe wanted him back I suppose… Never give up hope, never loose your faith, and never forget true love does not tarnish or fade. You're a warrior and life would not have thrown you this if you could not handle it. Your blog is so beautiful and touching thank you for sharing your experiences, even though my dad died when I was a teen and now I'm 23, reading this is healing wounds I never knew still existed. Bless your heart xoxo

  7. I know that you would . . . and he knows that you would. I begged and pleaded to make such a bargain – for my brother – many years ago. The Universe, however, in all of its glory, is sometimes like a poorly run restaurant: no substitutions are allowed. If it were possible, even I, a virtual stranger, would gladly volunteer to help to carry the burdens that you both face. As it is, I can only hear your words, know your pain, and pray that some miracle manifests. Keep the faith . . .

    • Thank you for following my blog. Only a few really pay attention to every post and follow what I am going through. I know you are one of the few that really and truly actually “FOLLOW” Thank you. It does not go unnoticed.

      • I truly feel for you. Sadly, the very best that I can offer are my words. I wish there were more. No matter how all of this plays out, know this: you and your children will be OK. Stay strong . . .

        • I nominated you for the Liebster award. I know the rules seem kinda time consuming, but I actually found it kinda fun. Read my entire updated post on the Liebster award. The questions for you to answer (my questions) are the ones at the bottom of the post.

          • I am truly honored by the words you wrote in your nomination of my blog. Very flattered. And, I am honored to follow your blog and will continue to do so. That is all the reward, and award, that I could ever hope to have achieved in this life – to have someone get some smattering of inspiration and/or hope from words and feelings that I express. I made a promise to myself some time ago that I wasn’t going to do the awards thing, and I hope that you are not offended by this, or that you will see me in any “less” of a light. But know that you have touched my heart deeply with your nomination. Namaste . . .

          • Yoga Journal explains it way better than I can. Here’s what they wrote:

            Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. [It] is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. Nama means bow, as means I, and te means you. Therefore, namaste literally means “bow me you” or “I bow to you.”

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