Let’s just do it. Getting Interesting. MindSync.MindSync.Mindsync.

Okay, just out of curiosity, and really, I would like the input and perceptions of others.  I am going to make this post sort of a forum type deal.  The eleven questions that I was “as a rule” supposed to come up with to ask those I nominated for the “Liebster Award” are questions I would like to have answered by any single person that sees one or more of these questions they would like to answer.  So, let’s just go for it.  Make it part of our little community.  If you want to answer any question, whether it be one or all, go for it.  No judgments, just no rudeness allowed.  Be graceful with your words out of respect for me and my blogging community.  I look forward to your comments and answers.  To be fair.  I will answer them as well.  Just give me some time.  You guys go ahead and answer away.  I have some things I need to work on  and then I will post my answers as a separate post.  Much love and respect to all.

  1. What is your definition of Faith?
  2. How do you interpret the phrase, “walk blindly with faith”?
  3. What is your definition of Grace?
  4. Do you believe there is only one person on this Earth that you are destined to be with or do you believe there are many people you could be compatible with, it is just a matter of staying faithful to that one, out of the many, that you find and choose to be with?
  5. Do you feel like you judge others unfairly, while overlooking your own faults?
  6. Do you feel like you are completely honest with yourself or do you have a habit of finding ways to justify your wrongdoings?
  7. Do honest and straightforward people offend you?  Not rudely straightforward and honest?  People like me?  People who as these types of questions?
  8. Do you fear each day that your life might end while you still have may people you need to make amends with and have important conversations with?
  9. Are you still trying to figure out who you are and what you stand for?  Where you stand on important life topics?
  10. Are you afraid of life and adding to the question, are you afraid of death?
  11. Are you more afraid of your own death or the death of a loved one?

7 comments on “Let’s just do it. Getting Interesting. MindSync.MindSync.Mindsync.

  1. 1.An unshakable trust in the existence of a person, place or thing.
    2. To interpret all things along a path with regards your beliefs.
    3. Elegant strength.
    4 Yes. Whether I have reached that destination or not, is not up to me – it is my destiny to discover. I am sure that in the moment we know and then things can change…and we’re in another moment.
    5. Always. I am not perfect, I try to be someone who accepts people for who they are but there are many times I do not consider my perspective as biased and make assumptions I later find incorrect.
    6. Sorry but I have to answer with an ambiguous, yes because I TRY to be honest with myself but there are times I justify a bad means to an ugly end.
    7. No. It’s good to look inward – we’ve never met, yet you’ve pushed me to answer some pretty personal questions in a very public forum that I could have ignored entirely. But I didn’t. Que Sera Sera.
    8. No, I look forward to each day as an opportunity to make amends, to be someone better than I am now. To continually grow, prune, change, improve…it’s what we do.
    9. Always. If you already know exactly who you are, where’s the challenge? I stand on the side of what is right at the moment the decision needs to be made by me. This is not politics or persuasion. A life topic can range from what to have for dinner to where do I volunteer. Another ambiguous answer, yes, but when you drill down, only you should challenge your core values and have the freedom to change them.
    10. No. I want to live because I will die…at a in time unknown to me.
    11. A loved one. The loss would be one of those challenges I need to face in order to appreciate life. I fear how I would react. I have not lost anyone close (friend or family member) to this point. If it were my wife it would be magnified. I need to learn to mourn through other experiences. This question draws from all of the above. It is through experience that I will get through the rough waters and keep an eye out for that rogue wave that can swamp me if I am not prepared.

    Good exercise, thanks.

  2. Yee-ow. You are going for the jugular. I have a fabulous blog for your to peek at:
    http://gaylorddiaz'sblog.wordpress.com/ He is a pastor and has Biblical wisdom that I plug into on a regular basis. Saying that, question number four is very interesting. The Bible says that God has a perfect plan for each of us, and in marriage we are to cleave to one another as one flesh. But we are given the choice to follow these directives or go our own way. God, in His infinite mercy, can and does bless us with plan B when we realize that we have strayed from the path He intended. Are there multiple persons? Yes, I think there is a plan A and a plan B. And in all cases, if one’s spouse leaves this world, another plan A is out there.

  3. Ok firstly, I want to say that these are some juicy questions and it will surely lead to insightful responses! So here are my responses to a few questions:

    10) Are you afraid of life and adding to the question, are you afraid of death?
    I’m afraid of both. Both life and death have that scary “unknown” aspect to it. I want my life to turn out a certain way, I really do, and I’ve had some personal visions and accompanying readings by others into my potential future which have pleased me…but I don’t really see how any of it is going to pan out. Also death scares me because I have experienced death so personally and it fucked me up for a really long time. No matter how much love I feel for people, I’m always haunted by this sadness that we will inevitably be ripped apart. I feel my dad and my, ok sorry if your not a believer and reading this just ignore it, unborn son, but it’s not like when they are in this dimension. It’s all heart based and very subtle, and I know I can’t hug my dad like I used to and this will be the fate between every being I love on this Earth, which always breaks my heart a bit when I think about it.

    Are you more afraid of your own death or the death of a loved one?

    I am so much more afraid of the death of my loved ones, because I’ve had three near death experiences and I instantly go into this peaceful accepting state, until an Angel rushes in and stops me from leaving my body. Because of this I don’t fear my own death at all, but I am so scared of that excruciating pain of loosing someone close to me. I’m scared that I will go back and be messed up for a long time and have to deal with all that darkness all over again.

  4. 1) At the circus, a high-wire act begins where one man pushes a wheelbarrow along the tightrope. Some people hope he won’t fall; some people believe he won’t fall. Faith is getting in the wheelbarrow.
    3) Grace is being loved unconditionally all the time, which we all are. You can’t believe in a punishing God and accept grace too; it’s one or the other.

  5. Question #2 -2.How do you interpret the phrase, “walk blindly with faith”?
    I would interpret that only as it has presented itself in my own life. No pre conceived notions of how it will work out, having the faith and trust in God to know that if he leads you to it, he will lead you through it. I remember when I first started my walk, my husband and I had a conversation about what was happening to me ( rebirth) and he said where are you going with all of this? I told him wherever God led me, he said what if God leads you away from me, our family? At that moment I couldn’t say what God was going to do, but I said to him in confidence that I believed God would never break up a family. Since that conversation God has lead me into a wonderful ministry, and I am now working on “The Walk in Faith” Hopefully sharing my story will allow others to have blind faith to lead them to their destiny. :0) Thank you for allowing me to share my story!

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