I Stand For Us My Love

-I wear my hat, oh everywhere

-I care not what they think

-I care for you

-I care for me

-I care for us, you see

-So proud I am

-To wear my hat

-Odd glances, I do get

-But my oh my

-They make me smile

-Cause they don’t see

-The glances that they give to me

-They make me proud

-That I love you so very much

-Instead of caring what they think

-I’m proud to know this one true thing

-As little as it means to me

-The glances I receive

-It just reminds me one more time

-How true my love is for you

-I am proud of who I am

-I stand for you, I stand for me

-I stand for courage, I stand for honor

-I stand for strength in what we are enduring

-It’s you and I

-It is our love

-I stand for us, united here as one.


7 comments on “I Stand For Us My Love

  1. wonderful, and omg! I thought about you this morning as I was washing my hands and dripping water all over the bathroom floor reaching for the towel! Now, no matter what happens in my life, I will never forget you! 😉

    • I think that is sweet. Now I know that someone who doesn’t even know me will always think of me. lol. Much love to you. Thanks for reading my words. They are all straight from my heart. God Bless You!

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