to my in laws and response from a reader

I posted this back in May I think. My husband asked me
to take it down
This is a response from a reader. I like to post the ones that means a lot to me, as you have probably noticed…

First I want to say that I love my in-laws.  I thought, and I hope it isn’t just a thought, but the truth.  I believed we had a good relationship before all of this happened.  I wish to just forget about all the in between bad stuff that has happened between us and go back to the good and start fresh from that point.  If they do happen to read this post, I want them to know that I love them and in my heart, I truly do care and I really WANT a good relationship with them.  I want it very much.  That is why I refuse to hold anger or resentment.  We have had our words over this in the past.  I admit there was one situation where I did get angry and said some things to them and I publically apologize for that.  Please, can we start anew.  If you are reading.  I love you and I cared about our relationship.  The fact that it was broken has hurt me and I want back what we had.  Lets agree to disagree, let go of the past.  Remember the good, go back to that and forget the in-between.  I can do it.  I want to do it.

Now, below is a response from one of my followers on one of my posts that I would like to share.  Love her.  Octavia02

Hi Laura, I hope you’re doing well today. I was thinking about your blog and in-laws.. I think your husband is so proud of you and how you’ve channeled your hurt, fear, love and confusion into this blog that helps other people. My guess is he wanted to show his parents thinking they could not help but see how special both you and the blog are. One thing I’ve learned is never underestimate the level of irrational anger cancer can inspire.
My mother is out of her mind angry with me constantly. It’s hard on my father as well as me. I have to believe that their treatment of you is much more about their son’s illness than about anything to do with the mother of their grandchildren.
That doesn’t make their behavior hurt any less but hopefully it will help ease your questions of self-doubt should they ever arise. Lots of love to you.


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