C is a Letter

-C stands for fear

-C stands for pain

-C stands for anger

-C stands for …WHY???

-C stands for the unknown

-C stands for storm

-C stands for tears

-C stands for sick

-C is a letter

-But, for many of us

-C stands for a word

-C for a word we wish we didn’t know

-C is for Cancer

-C is for FIGHT

-For many of us

-C is the fight of our LIFE

-C = What I want out of my LIFE

By: Laura G


9 comments on “C is a Letter

  1. C for Confidence, Communication, Caring, Calm, Calming, Change, Coping, Co-operative, Continuity. Consistency, Cute 🙂 I’m Certain you have or are all of these things too Laura, no Co-incidence! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it has brought me here in return, and I’m very glad it did. Nice to make your acquaintance and all good wishes to you and yours.

  2. Laura, ‘C’ is for Christ Jesus, the name that’s above every other name. There is no other name higher, and there is no other name by which we MUST be saved. That is — saved from whatever ‘c’onditions are thrown our way, we MUST know that God through His Son, Jesus ‘C’hrist is so much higher. Our faith can make us whole, no matter what it looks like.

  3. Am I wrong for expecting to see “C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me”? lol. I all seriousness this is nice.

  4. Laura: You just “liked” my blog, and it’s so serendipitous. My mom died of colon cancer. I volunteer in the local cancer hospital, Roswell, in Buffalo. I can hear anything you want to say. xo

    • Thank you. It takes a special kind of person to “volunteer” your own time to others in need. It must take a lot of strength as well to see people dealing with cancer on a daily basis. God Bless You. I know he already has. You took a tragic life event and turned it into a meaningful outcome for others. You are helping other people instead of being angry you face cancer and go beyond the fact of being reminded of who it took that you loved. I am in awe of your strength.

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