My love for my son

-I love you, I love you

-My sweet little boy

-You have no idea, my precious young son

– How far, How deep, a mothers love really goes

-You are growing

-And blooming

-Oh so very well

-I am prouder, much prouder

-of you my dear child

-Than I ever knew I could possibly be

-My first child you are

– And oh how life hasn’t been fair

-I’d trade you for nothing

-Change nothing I’ve done

-Not one single decision

-Because each one that I made

-Made you become what

-I see through these eyes

– Oh how dear,  I love

-Just  looking at you

-My sweet little boy, becoming much stronger

-Than I ever hoped for

-You don’t understand much

-And life seems unfair.

-But, you are so blessed

-And in all sweet time

-You will see every piece

-And fit together a puzzle

-of your beautiful life

-That made the amazing person

-I know you’ll become

-Laura G


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