Several Thoughts on This

1. Sometimes what I feel is so deep I can’t express it with words

2. Unable to speak of what you see, because others are blind to the truth

3. Having to endure the impacts and blows of an unkind world, unable to say anything because it won’t make a difference anyway.

4.  Enduring painful words and speaking none back because you know speaking back only makes for more conflict.

5. Suffering in silence

6.  Strength, because one can endure pains that others would not even begin to comprehend if you verbally expressed them.

7.  Rendered speechless, because what you see is just too cruel and selfish that it is beyond your realm of thinking.

Thoughts of Laura G. on art.

Art Source: Pinterest

Repinned from

SaatchiOnline .com

Saatchi Online Artist: Marek Hospodarsky; Oil, 2011, Painting Mustapha


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