Cancer is a part of my life

I have not been writing lately.  Writer’s block, not wanting to feel emotions to the point of actually writing about them, whatever the case, today I feel like writing.  So, many people in the cancer community on wordpress face the same trials as I do.  Something, so many people are out of touch with and don’t comprehend the havoc and despair it causes for the victims and their loved ones.  It is nice to know that there is a place where people relate to what we are all experiencing.  Ultimately, it would be ideal if cancer did not exist and we did not need places to find where others understand.  I wish no one had to experience such terrible life occurrences.  I never thought it would hit this close to home.  My grandparents both died from cancer.  However, they were in their seventies.  I was only thirteen and did not grasp the concept.  My aunt died of cancer as well leaving a ten year old son and a fifteen year old daughter behind.  Shortly after that their father lost his life to Leukemia.  Still, at only thirteen it did not hit home as it has now.  They lived several states away and my relationship was not extremely close with them.  Now, I thought that was it.  How could cancer possibly strike my life again.  How? Again? And so close to my heart.  It is my husband and I still just don’t know why cancer has to be so aggressive, undiscriminating, taking victims who have done nothing to deserve it.  Well, now we have found out the not so good news.  My husband went to another cancer center for a second opinion.  He was told that they would do nothing more than what the current treatment center is doing.  Basically, they do not want to operate and are emphasizing “quality of life”.  Also, sadly he was told that he will be on chemotherapy for the rest of his life.  Does he deserve this? no.  Is he a bad person? no Did he do anything to put himself at risk for getting cancer? no.  Does he have a great life worth living for? yes.  So, my heart goes out to every single person that is reading this and experiencing a life involving someone with cancer.  We share something that others just don’t understand or grasp the full concept of the effect it has on those living with it in their lives.  I pray for all of you and let us all pray for each other and hope for the best.  Trust in God.  We don’t have the answers to everything and he does have a bigger plan.  I am praying for all cancer victims and their families.  I hope we can all create a prayer chain for this entire community of cancer victims and their families.  Pray. Pray. Pray. God bless you all and my heart goes out to all of you.


4 comments on “Cancer is a part of my life

    • Thank you, I am blessed to have you praying for me. Let us all come together and pray for all those in need. Sometimes, we seem to forget that all we really feel the need to pray about is our own needs and trials. I pray for all. This world isn’t good and a prayers chain is powerful, no matter how big or how small, we can create our own here together. Much love and God bless you,

    • Thank you for taking your time to comment. I know we all have our own struggles in life and I am certainly not the only one in this world experiencing hardships. I keep that in mind and keep all who are seeking and in need in my prayers.

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