What do you do
When what you do is write
But you write to share
But this you can’t share
Why you ask?
Too personnel
Quite embarrassing
Something that everyone would understand
Something everyone would read
Everyone would see it my way
See why it hurts
See why its wrong
See it without flinching
No thinking twice about why
I feel as i do
The problem is clear
The only one who needs to see it
Won’t hear it
Won’t read it
Won’t see it my way
Must be a reason why
It hurts
But, I guess all I can do
Is pretend I don’t feel
If the other person can’t see it
I certainly can’t make them
Nor will I force them to say they understand
Just to satisfy my ears
I guess we pretend
Until they speak up
Because they do see
I never wanted
I never thought
I would live a life
Of pretending something is
That now seems just pretend


3 comments on “What

  1. I write my mind all the time. I have 22 Facebook friends left, 0 actual friends, and my eldest child refuses to talk to me. Of course people are judgmental, unforgiving, two faced, selfish, self-centered and worst of all more concerned about what others think about the facade we build up for the world to see.
    I guess I stopped caring about all the falsehoods and grew more concerned about honesty & a clear conscience.

    • Yes, true and people think they Have zero faults, but are so quick to point out others imperfections. I am not perfect, i make mistakes, we all do. We are human. Correction and learning from mistakes is most important. Thanks for your insight

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